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Protec Captop Plastic Protectors

Non-Threaded Caps for external Threads

     EP 200 Stud Protection Caps
With knrulled Edges

Used throughout the automotive and engineering industries for protecting exposed studs.

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     EP 260 Pipe Protection Caps
The Original
One piece construction

Up to 64. nominal bore size and complemented with over 170 additional sizes. Internal ribs provide tight fit and release pressure build up.

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     EP 277 High Temperature Silicone Caps
These High Temperature Silicone Rubber Caps have a tapered design for ease in plugging ports and holes in parts undergoing abrasive high temperature processing. They withstand temperatures up to 600F / 316C.
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     EP 280 Tapered Protection Plugs / Caps
Low-cost. Can be used as either a cap or plug. Easy fitting and removal. Provide excellent protection from damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion during storage and transportation.
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     EP 285 Tapered Protection Plugs / Caps
Compliments EP 280 range of caps and plugs. Large flange for greater surface protection and easy removal.
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