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  EPN 715
EMC Brass Locknuts with cutting edges
To secure tightening of EMC-cable glands these EMC / EMI hexagon shaped locknuts with cutting edges provide best possible shield contact. Manufactured in nickel plated brass these specially designed lock-nuts cut through protective powder coatings ensuring optimal contact for equipotential bonding, increased vibration resistance.

Material  :  Brass, nickel plated
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Standard Connecting
of Thread
Height Spanner
Reference No.
G h H S
MetricM 12 x EPN 715/ M 12 x 1.5
MetricM 16 x EPN 715/ M 16 x 1.5
MetricM 20 x EPN 715/ M 20 x 1.5
MetricM 25 x EPN 715/ M 25 x 1.5
MetricM 32 x EPN 715/ M 32 x 1.5
MetricM 40 x EPN 715/ M 40 x 1.5
MetricM 50 x EPN 715/ M 50 x 1.5
MetricM 63 x EPN 715/ M 63 x 1.5

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