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  EPN 530
Dust Disks
Small protective disks to protect all Quick-Fit cable glands against dust and dirt. Dust Disks are recommended in applications where all assembly work and cable connection is installed later. These blind disks prevent dust, dirt and moisture from penetrating inside the housing. The disks are pre-installed between the cap nut and the seal. Note: the disks do not provide any technical protection.

Material  :  Polyethlene
Standard Colour  :  natural
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Standard Thread Size Ø Outside Thickness Reference No.
d1 H
MetricM 1210.50.5EPN 530/ M 12
MetricM 1613.50.5EPN 530/ M 16
MetricM 2018.50.5EPN 530/ M 20
MetricM 2520.50.5EPN 530/ M 25
MetricM 3235.00.5EPN 530/ M 32
MetricM 4045.00.5EPN 530/ M 40
MetricM 5052.00.5EPN 530/ M 50
MetricM 6357.00.5EPN 530/ M 63
PGPG   710.50.5EPN 530/ PG   7
PGPG   913.50.5EPN 530/ PG   9
PGPG 1117.00.5EPN 530/ PG 11
PGPG 13.518.50.5EPN 530/ PG 13.5
PGPG 1620.50.5EPN 530/ PG 16
PGPG 2126.00.5EPN 530/ PG 21
PGPG 2935.00.5EPN 530/ PG 29
PGPG 3645.00.5EPN 530/ PG 32
PGPG 4252.00.5EPN 530/ PG 42
PGPG 4857.00.5EPN 530/ PG 48

All dimensions in mm. Should your requirements not be shown please ask for separate quotation.
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